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Chicken Salad Sandwich or a Brand New Car Sir?

posted on May 21 2015 by Jon Bardill

Chicken Salad Sandwich or a Brand New Car Sir?

I was in our local Asda this lunchtime surveying the same sandwich selection for 946th time and thought to myself, blimey, can you believe that you can lease a brand new car on a short 12 month lease for less that the cost of a daily £3 chicken salad sandwich from the supermarket?

Chicken sandwich

Impossible? Well logic would tell you so.  How can it be possible for the finance company to be making money out of that deal?  

Well the quick answer is that they don’t. Its works on the same premise that a lot of the supermarkets work on when they talk about loss leaders. Have ever thought about how a supermarket can make money in selling to you a 4 pint carton of milk for only 89p, pay the farmer, transport it to the processing plant, bottle it and get it on the shelves and still make money.

The short answer is they dont! It’s what they call a loss leader, they lose money on the milk, but make money on other stuff you buy where you are in there.  It’s a common practice in grocery retail and has been for decades the world over.  It’s a similar rule that applied to this deal on this Citroen C1 1.2 Puretech Flair 5dr hatchback.

Citroen are no doubt losing money on this deal, but it all goes towards their overall registration target that they need to hit to get the volume driven bonuses that all the manufacturer feed off. The C1 Flair is the top of the range model with all the bits and bobs you’d need, especially for only £67.79 per month. It has a reversing camera, 15” alloy wheels and a 7” touch screen. The C1 is a great little character of a car, its modern and economical and generally a great first car or city car.  This particular deal maybe a loss leader, but luckily you don’t have to buy anything else where you are in the store on this deal. 

Citroen C1 Flair

Take advantage of this amazingly cheap deal and give us a call! Tell your colleague sat next to you in the office while they are tucking into their chicken salad sandwich next lunchtime that next time they might as well go for a brand new car!