Celebrity Car Endorsements - Stars and Their Cars

posted on Jun 20 2017 by Karen Liggett

Celebrity Car Endorsements - Stars and Their Cars

There’s no doubt that celebrity endorsements help brands to place themselves in the market and sell more products. Does it work with cars though?

We’ve taken a look at some of the best (and worst) celebrity car endorsements... would Keith Chegwin influence you to splash the cash on an Aston Martin?

Jude Law and Lexus

Jude Law joined Lexus for the launch of its new RX. Directed by Danny Wallace, Jude went on a "rampage" around London, which included gatecrashing a gig at Ronnie Scott's.

J-Lo and Fiat

J-Lo drove through the Bronx to promote Fiat's new 500 (although it was criticised that she didn't actually film in the Bronx but the West Coast). In the advert, J-Lo tells prospective Fiat buyers, "This is my world. This place inspires me to be tougher, to stay sharper, to think faster. They may be just streets to you, but to me, they're a playground."

Atomic Kitten and MG, Toyota and SEAT

Atomic Kitten obviously really enjoyed promoting car brands (or benefited from getting a few freebies) as they have promoted not one, but three different cars posing for MG, Toyota and SEAT!

Kylie and Ford

Kylie endorsed the Ford StreetKa however less than two years later it ceased production. A spokesperson for Ford said that the plan was always for a short run because the car's coachbuilder, Pininfarina, deals in small-volume lines and it has already produced 37,000. 

Delia Smith and Proton

So, Proton used to sponsor Norwich City and as Delia Smith is joint-majority share holder it does make some sense why she was seen promoting the Proton. We can't immagine it did much for it's street cred though?!

Mourinho and Jaguar

Jose Mourinho was the first customer to take delivery of the new F-TYPE Coupe and was the guest of honour at the official launch of the new sports car. 

Take That and VW Caravelle

Apparently, Take That used the Volkswagen Caravelle on their Circus tour. Gary Barlow said: "We love the Caravelle. It's comfortable when we're travelling and even with the four of us, it's really spacious."

Lionel Blair and Nissan

Lionel Blair drove a Nissan Almera with his name on it for the duration of the Rocky Horrow Show in 2003. 

Chris Ellison and Jeep

Chris Ellison, best known as DCI Burnside in ITV's The Bill was photographed with his brand new Jeep Compass just two days before she starred as Captain Hook in Peter Pan at Harlow Playhouse. Ellison said: "I ran a Jeep Cherokee about 10 years ago and was delighted with that, so when I saw the new Compass I fell in love."

Keith Chegwin and Aston Martin

This has to be our favourite!!! We're sure Aston Martin were delighted to see TV's cheesiest man buying his own DB7. Cheggers really gives Aston Martin that top of the range feel. Although, he didn't have positive things to say about his purchase: "The wing mirrors fell, it kept breaking down and eventually the lacquer came off the car. I'd had it eight months when I took it back and luckily they gave me a full refund, but I'd never touch another supercar."