Cars at risk because garages remain unused

posted on Jun 14 2017 by Karen Liggett

Cars at risk because garages remain unused

It has been revealed that sixty per cent of households in the UK do not use their garage to park their car. This means that there are over six million garages in the UK storing and protecting junk while one of the household's most valuable assets remains parked in the open and vulnerable to thieves.

Many people leave expensive luxury vehicles in the street or on their driveway while old lawn mowers and tins of paint are securely locked away inside the garage. It is a fact that cars are rarely stolen from inside garages. Organised gangs have targeted affluent areas recently and stolen large numbers of high-value vehicles from driveways and roads, often breaking into the houses to steal the car keys first.

The RAC Foundation is urging motorists to lock their cars in garages overnight and to keep both sets of keys separate and secure as an added deterrent. One of the best devices to make garages more easy to use is the automatic garage door opener. Many motorists are deterred from using their garages because they don't want to get out of their vehicle to open and close the garage door. Remote openers remove the problem making garages a very useable facility.

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