Cars Of The Future

posted on Dec 15 2014 by Josh Seymour

Cars Of The Future

With the rate technology is going we could easily see us with the cars of the future sooner than we think. What exactly are the cars of the future though? Flying cars? Self-driving cars? Most likely both... Here are a few ideas with real traction behind them already.


Flying Cars

This is the real dream isn’t it ever since sci-fi futures were thought of they included flying cars zipping around the city skyline. Do we think right now this is even possible though? Well introducing the TF-X From Terrafugia who already brought us the Transition, a plane which can also fold its wings in and become more car-like. The TF-X is the real deal. Terrafugia expect it to take just 5 hours training to learn how to safely drive the TF-X and have designed it to be able to fit into regular single car garage.  This car uses two 600 hp electric motors and a 300 hp gas engine with fuel and batteries big enough to have a 500 mile non-stop journey.  They expect to have this ready by 2021, meaning that we could easily start living the sci-fi life sooner rather than later.


Driverless Cars

Now this is something that we are all already talking about and feels like it could easily be the next step in the future of cars. The first thing that comes to mind when I imagine the possibilities of driverless cars is, well firstly it is the really cool scene from Minority Report with their great depiction of a sci-fy driverless future. That might be a little way off yet but right now the possibilities are still huge. Hence Google already leading the charge but not without competition from Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan and many other big car manufacturers who expect to have full autonomous cars in their showrooms between 2020-2025.

Google Driverless Car

With a network of driverless cars we might not even need to own our own car, just wait for one to pop round, pick you up and take you over to your destination. This is a revelation for everyone that cannot even drive, from people who suffer from impaired sight or anything else that stops them from getting behind the wheel. This is coupled with having less congestion and less accidents are reason enough alone for it to be the next step in the future of travelling.

In addition take a moment to consider the amount of time that driverless cars can give back to you. How about a moving office so you never spend any time travelling to and from. Work comes to you!

IDEO Moving Office

One last concept which looks like it could be great fun and unique is Toyota’s Fun Vii


This car can change how it looks straight away to what you what inside and out. This can correlate to the environment it is in as much as how your feeling before you jump into the car. The idea is that inside it, it can use augmented reality and other innovations to really create any space to enjoy during your journey.

All of these are possible futures of the car but do you welcome it or feel like we might love the joy of driving ourselves isn’t worth the benefits? Do we wait out until flying cars are commonplace for the next big innovation of driving or will we be happy with the colour changing Toyota fun Vii!

Only time will tell!