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When You´ll Get The Best Deals To Lease A Car

posted on Sep 19 2013 by Jade Hensby

When You´ll Get The Best Deals To Lease A Car

When leasing a car its important to know when you'll get the best deal that is right for you. Here at we want to tell you how to successfully lease the car you want, at the lowest price possible.

This September, weve been busy finding the perfect cars just for you. What makes this month particularly busy is the introduction of the newest registrations.

The most important, and indeed busiest, months in the year for us in the motoring business is definitely March and September. Why? This is simple. It is in these months that car dealers gear up to the release of cars that will have the new registration- this time its the 63 plates. Due to the large targets each dealer needs to make during these months, the cars are becoming even cheaper to lease - theyre practically over flowing with cars!

This September is increasingly busy as it is the end of the third quarter in the year, so the remaining registrations of 63 are in desperate need of new leasers! Being the early bird will be beneficial if you want a particular make and model.

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