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Car Leasing News: New Car Sales Increase By 32% In October

posted on Nov 17 2009 by Jade Hensby

Car Leasing News: New Car Sales Increase By 32% In October

This leap in new car sales is the biggest this year and the fourth increase in as many months. So what's causing this increase in car sales?

There are unquestionably two major factors driving this surge. The first being the Government's scrappage scheme. Financial incentives from ditching your old banger for a brand new car are always going to be a hit. And the scheme is reportedly responsibile for a fifth of sales.

Due to the success of the scrappage scheme, the Government have invested another 100 million, which should see it run until the beginning of 2010. So for everyone looking for a personal car leasing deal, this is nothing but good news. And when you add this to the reduced rate of VAT, there are even more savings to be had. It's obvious to see why people are choosing to lease a new car now.

But what about business users? Their fleet cars are rarely old enough to quality for the scrappage scheme. They can enjoy some of the great business car leasing rates available at the moment. It seems the car manufacturers are keen to make the most of this up-turn and some of the car leasing deals over on our car leasing website are tremendous. But undoubtedly, the big question is will this increase continue when VAT has returned to normal and the scrappage scheme finishes - only time will tell.