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Do Audi Need Another Sporty Model?

posted on Nov 06 2009 by Kyle McWilton

Do Audi Need Another Sporty Model?

When you think about it, Audi have quite a few options if you're looking for a sporty car. Nearly all their cars have an S sport version. Then there's the TT and finally at the pinnacle of their offering is the R8. But take a second glance and you'll see there is a gap, roughly as big as a full sized coupe.

And that's where the A5 Coupe comes in. From the outset, you can see the A5 coupe's mission is to challenge the likes of the BMW 3 series coupe and the Mercedes CLK. It is available in a couple of diesel engines and a couple of petrol engines, starting with the Audi A5 Coupe 2.0T FSi. The A5 has the very cool LED front running lights and all the solid qualities shared by the entire Audi range. But as you move along the length of the Car the A5 show's of its character.

The powerful looking hunches over each wheel make the car look like a 100 meter sprinter about the charge off the starting blocks. The roof line is surprisingly low and it sweeps down onto the boot-lid and flourishes in a little spoiler. Underneath the nice symetrical rear lay the twin exhaust pipes emerging from the body with their own stylish contours. I think the low, wide stance gives the A5 the look every coupe should have.

The interior is well equipped and comfortable -- in the front. The wrap around dash gives an impression of space. The car comes with all the usual mod cons but Sat Nav, CD multichanger and cruise control are desirable extras for those that want them. Yes, the car is a true 4-seater but the rear bench seats can be a squeeze. This is compromise to afford the Audi A5 Coupe a nicely sized boot space; 455 litres in all. It will comfortably take a bag of golf clubs or a week's shopping.

The new A5 Coupe comes with Audi's Start-Stop technology. (explained here) This means driving the 2.0T FSi on a combined cycle you'll get about 44mpg. I think the Audi A5 does a grand job of filling the full-sized coupe gap in Audi's range. It also gives the BMW and Mercedes alternatives something to worry about. No doubt, you'll agree the majority of A5's will be driven by company car men. The C02 is 149g/km and the BIK is 19% but if standing out just a little as you cruise the UK's motorways is important to you, the new Audi A5 Coupe is worth it.

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