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Car Leasing News: How Has BMW Improved Its Z4?

posted on Nov 05 2009 by Jade Hensby

BMW have been building roadsters for over 75 years now. Any many said the last incarnation of the Z4 did little to take peoples' interest away from Mercede's SLK. No doubt there was plenty of head-scratching going on in BMW's Bavarian R&D building. And their answer to the conundrum was to listen to the marketing men.

BMW asked it's customers what they wanted from a new, improved BMW Z4: They wanted a more practical car, with a more forgiving ride. They also wanted a retractable hard roof. As you can see, BMW have listened to their customers and produced a car to meet their wishes. The looks of the car have improved. Some nice finishes make the car look more striking.

The new lines sweeping the length of the bonnet and the smart looking air intakes on the car's sides complete the new look. The rear of the car also looks less like an after-thought now. The curvey spoiler and the 6-series looking lights make the car's posterior look as detailed and impressive as the front. More practical is what BMW's customers wanted.

The New Z4 has a more spacious interior with increase visibility. So all in all there seem to be some decent improvements. But the show-stopper is the new roof. The old rag-top has been replaced with an aluminium folding hard-top. Impressively, it can retract in around 20seconds. BMW have also engineered the car so that when the roof is folded away, the car retains its 50:50 weight distribution. I like the new Z4. As I seem to see more and more Z4's on my drive to work each morning, it seems the general public do too. Would you like to drive a new BMW Z4? With Z4 car leasing deals starting at £282 per month, now could be the time.