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Brighton and Hove speed limit of 20mph is extended

posted on Mar 12 2014 by Jade Hensby

Brighton and Hove speed limit of 20mph is extended

The councillors at the Green led constituency have voted to extend the scheme of a 20mph limit to nine more areas.

The council said that this speed limit had already brought a fall in traffic speed on 74% of roads in Brighton and Hove. The new areas that will see in a fall in speed limits will include parts of East Brighton and West Hove, along with the road outside the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

A member of the cycling group Bike Train has welcomed the idea, and said “i think anything that makes the roads safer and feel more civilised and calmer is a great thing for the city, for cyclists, but also for everyone else”. However, some respondents have said the lower limits were unnecessary, and that the city centre limits were being ignored.

Brighton council said that 15,000 people had taken part in the consultation.