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Brighton & Hove Pioneer Electric Cars

posted on Oct 27 2015 by Rebecca Shipston

Brighton & Hove Pioneer Electric Cars

The City of Brighton and Hove pioneered the use of electric vehicles (EV), introducing charging points in and around the city centre as far back as 2009. There are 2 electric charging points in preimum parking spots directly outside Brighton Town Hall, where you can park for free whilst you top up. That in itself is a compelling reason enough to get an electric car; to be able to park for free smack bang in the middle of town! There is a generous 3 hour limit in place so you can shop and be fully charged up.

EV Parking Sign Brighton

More charging points are being rolled out across the city as part of a wider initiative, along with current charging points being upgraded. Rapid charging points are the latest technology charging compatible cars up to 80% in just half an hour. The cost to upgrade a charging point to a rapid charging point is high at £9000 so not cheap but it is an investment. The initial project was co-funded by the EU, and the government are funding the latest £2.4m expansion. Brighton & Hove City Council recently produced a report outlining the continued support for increasing a greater uptake of electric vehicles available to read here.

Other Brighton City centre charging points include Trafalgar Street car park and Regency Square car park but points are dotted around the city with locations at Withdean Stadium, The Level and Madeira Drive.  A useful map of all UK charging points has been developed by and you will start to notice many more charging points to come over the next few years. are based at Brighton Marina where electric vehicles are used commercially - the maintenance and cleaning services both use old milk floats.  But if you think electric venhicles are all milk floats, think again! The latest Tesla’s Model S can do 0-60 in 5.2 seconds and you can lease one for £638.84 per month.  You can see the full range of EV on our deals finder table which also includes the popular Nissan Leaf.

Nissan Leaf

The benefits of driving an electric car are massively increasing; business can save huge amounts in fuel alone, pollution in city centres can be vastly reduced (especially for local journeys), and there is no road tax to pay for electric vehicles either.  More information can be found on the Energise website

Have you used any of the charging points in and around Brighton and Hove?  Please share your experiences with us in the comments section below.