BMW Reveal M4 Concept Car for 2014

posted on Aug 16 2013 by Alex Murray

BMW Reveal M4 Concept Car for 2014

As the successor to BMWs popular M3 Coupe the new M4 concept, on show at Pebble Beach in California, will surely turn a few heads; not least for its exclusively designed colour scheme and use of carbon fibre.

The car is scheduled to go on sale in 2014 and although this is still technically a concept youre pretty much looking at the finished product. There are currently no official details on the specification of the BMW M4 however our friends over at Auto Express have suggested a price tag of around £65,000 and a 0-62 mph time of 4.5 seconds.  View lease offers on the BMW M4 here.

BMW M4 concept

One of the main areas of improvement for the M4 Coupe over its predecessor will be a weight loss in the region of 80-100kg, which comes mostly as a result of an extensive use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic or CFRP throughout the vehicle. Like the M3 before it the M4 Coupe will feature a CFRP roof providing a lower centre of gravity and a much lighter overall vehicle. You'll also find CFRP in the rear diffuser and front splitter, which coupled with the roof help towards this large weight reduction for the BMW M4.

While no specifications regarding engine options have been released by BMW at this stage the M4 Coupe is likely to make use of a turbocharged 3.0 litre six-cylinder engine; said to have the dual benefits of increased performance and better fuel consumption. Indeed the bump in the bonnet, seen on many previous cars in the M range, does seem to imply of a more powerful engine hidden within.

BMW M4 concept rear

The new engine is likely to pump out somewhere in the region of 438bhp, 24bhp more than the M3 before it, and with a weight saving of at least 80kg the figures would suggest this vehicle is going to have some serious power. Expect a top speed of 155mph (electronically limited) when the new BMW M4 Coupe goes on sale in the summer of 2014.

Images courtesy of What Car