All Hail the BMW Concept X5 eDrive!

posted on Aug 28 2013 by Jon Bardill

The introduction of the BMW Concept X5 eDrive plug-in hybrid will understandably hit the headlines for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the reassurance that it will soon be possible to drive a powerful SUV without having to worry about the imminent arrival of a nagging letter from the tree-hugging fraternity.

BMW Concept X5 eDrive

The 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show will feature a vast selection of new developments as well as plenty of variations on existing themes, but this new offering from Germanys finest could create more buzz than a beehive. In general, SUVs and environmentalism have gone together like Tom and Jerry, but they could even become friends in the near future.

Although the X5 eDrive has plenty to offer the greener motorist, it also has the specifications to please the traditional BMW owner. Among its many features youll find:

  • Four-cylinder petrol/electric drivetrain
  • 74.3 mpg
  • 0-62 mph in less than seven seconds
  • Three separate driving modes

While the finished article is still some way away its not expected to hit the dealership forecourts until 2015 the appearance at Frankfurt will be enough to whet the appetite. There are a great many influential people among the environmental lobby who have pointed the finger of blame at SUV manufacturers in the past, but the X5 eDrive may change that.

Ready to steal the show

BMW are exhibiting several cars at the Frankfurt show, including the i3, but it may be that the ground-breaking technology used in the X5 will upstage everything else. The mere fact that it promises to produce less than 90g/km of CO2 has been enough to generate a headline or two.

BMW Concept X5 eDrive

With most manufacturers, the difference between a concept car and a production car is often great. The original prototype tends to undergo a number of changes in the intervening year or two, but this isnt usually the case with BMW. If previous experience is anything to go by, the chances are the 2015 version will be very similar to the one that will be shown in Germany.

The X5 eDrive will have a four cylinder engine on front and with safety in mind a lithium-ion battery in the back. One of the cleverest features of this clever car is the fact that it manages to offer all-wheel drive without compromising too much on boot space. If you want to take your banners and placards to the next environmental demo, youll have plenty of room for them.

Externally, the X5 will look much like any other BMW SUV. Its sleek, understated and astonishingly beautiful, and its overall grandeur belies the fact that its so much greener than many or its ilk. If youve ever wanted to be kinder to the planet but didnt want to miss out on your Beamer fix, this could be the car for you.

Images courtesy of TopGear