BMW 3 SERIES 318d M Sport 4dr from only £289 pcm

posted on Jan 17 2012 by Kyle McWilton

BMW 3 SERIES 318d M Sport 4dr from only £289 pcm

BMW 3 SERIES 318d M Sport 4dr from only 289 pcm!*

Due to a change with our finance company at the start of 2012, we are finally able to offer some fantastic rates on vehicles which we only ever used to be able to supply to business customers, we can now offer the same price for business and personal users.


5 out of 5 stars

The 114bhp 316d and 141bhp 318i aren't quick, but there are no weak links in the engine range. The other four-cylinder choices are the gutsier 320i petrol, the 318d and two versions of the 320d. The six-cylinder petrol choices are the 325i and the turbocharged 335i. There are three strong 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesels: 325d, 330d and 335d. Transmission options are a six-speed manual, six-speed auto or, for 335i versions, a twin-clutch seven-speed transmission with manual or automatic shifts.

Ride & Handling

5 out of 5 stars

The 3 Series is the sharpest car to drive in its class. Sublime body control and tenacious grip give it poise through corners, while the steering is accurate and communicative. The firm-but-fair suspension makes you aware of low-speed bumps and coarse surfaces, but it's never uncomfortable.


5 out of 5 stars

The 3 Series is a quiet car and makes a great long-distance cruiser. You can tell which fuel the diesel-engined cars use, but engine noise is always well isolated and you barely hear it once you're settled on the motorway. Road- and suspension noise are subdued over even the worst road surfaces. Some wind noise can be heard at high speeds, though.

Key facts

060mph-9.1 secs

Top speed-130 mph

Average mpg-62.8

Tank range-842 miles


Lease YourNext can offer outstanding rates for personal and business leasing so if you are thinking seriously about contract hire as an option for your next vehicle, please be sure to call one of our professional sales team on 01273 789 900.

*(Price based on 3x47, 10k miles per annum)