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Best Car Apps Available...

posted on Oct 14 2013 by Jade Hensby

Best Car Apps Available...

The progress that apps have made in the last few years is truly impressive. Whats even better is that they can now work in conjunction with cars, and they can aid us in our driving experience. Let me tell you about the five best apps I found that are available today. These apps are available for iphone, Android and HTC


-Lease Miles (£0.99)

Lease Miles allows you to keep track of exactly how many miles you drive in your leased vehicle over a period of time. It will adjust to your driving habits and calculates the average miles you should drive, so you can avoid charges at the end of your lease.


-iCarPark (£0.69)

This clever app logs where you park your car, and can navigate you back to it later. It can even search through multi story car parks and lead you to the exact floor and space that you left your car in. Result.


-RAC Traffic (Free)

This clever app works live and updates you on Google Maps to current traffic problems that you would face on your current route.


-DriveGain (Free)

This clever app monitors how you drive and gives you feedback so that you can make changes to your driving and improve your efficiency.


-Trip Advisor (Free)

Weve all come across trip advisor before, but whats handy about this app is it takes your location and directs you to the nearest place you search for, such as restaurants. Youll still get all the reviews and ratings, but it will direct you.

So these are the five top apps that Lease Your next feel improves your driving experience. Have you used an app that you felt improved your driving experience Feel free to comment and tell us all about it!