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Awesome Vintage Cars Found On French Farm

posted on Jan 15 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Awesome Vintage Cars Found On French Farm

An amazing collection of vintage cars were recently found on a French Farm, reportedly worth £12 million. That's quite a collection, which is why it's strange that they were neglected and left to rot. It's not very often that a gem like this is uncovered and car enthusiasts around the World have been going nuts.

The cars were discovered by the grandchildren of entrepreneur Roger Baillon, who owned this jaw dropping collection. Sadly he died over ten years ago so the cars have been passed on to his family. The grandchildren did not realise just how much these cars were worth, that's why they have only just been discovered. They called in expert car auctioneers Pierre Novikoff and Matthieu Lamoure who were shocked and mesmerised by what they found.

It's not a small collection either, they are 60 classic vehicle in total. The cars are from the 1930's to the 1950's and were left in sheds for decades. Due to their ridiculously rich owner, these cars are far from average. The collection includes an extremely rare Maserati, a Talbot-Lago, a Ferrari and a Bugatti.

The cars were unfortunately not found in the greatest condition. No one had been maintaining them because they didn't realise how unique these cars are. They were discovered covered in dust, newspapers and magazines in the barns and garages of the farm located in the West of France. The owner of the cars Roger Baillon obviously knew what they were worth and apparently wanted to restore them so that they could be shown in a museum. Sadly this dream never materialised.

Among the collection is a 1956 Maserati A6G Gran Sports which is apparently valued at just under £1 million. It's one of just three of these cars in the World which is mainly why it has such a sensational price tag. Of all the cars discovered there was one that was given the biggest price tag. The 1961 Ferrari 250GT SWB California Spider that was found was previously owned by French Actors Alain Delon and Gerard Blain. It's expected that Ferrari collectors might bid up to £9.5 million for this impressive car. Chris Evans bought one of these cars back in 2008 for around £5.5 million.

This dream collection is due to be sold on Feb 6th 2015. It will be fascinating to see not only how much they go for but who ends up buying them.