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Audi TT TDi diesel Car Leasing & Contract Hire

posted on May 16 2008 by Kyle McWilton

Audi TT TDi diesel Car Leasing & Contract Hire

Are you seeking a new contract hire or lease car from June 2008 onwards and want something a little different. Well you wont be dissapointed with this all new Audi TT TDi diese .For a personalised contract hire or car leasing quotation please contact the Leasing Team today on 01273 789 900 or make your enquiry online, we have a selection of Audi TT's for lease.

We have been waiting10 years, and from June 2008 the Audi have brought TT and TDI together creating one of the best all round, everyday sportscars you can currently contract hire and lease.

If you had to bet that someone is going to get away with doing a genuine sportscar that drinks from the diesel pump, my money is on Audi. The TDI badge have instant market recognition and cache and since 2006 Audi has been running a diesel-engined prototype racing car racking up two victories at Le Mans.

Audi are already estimatingthe Audi TT TDI will easily account for 30-40% of future TT sales - and that won't necessarily be to the detriment of existing or other petrol powered models. This latest injection system is key and the engine also boasts balancer shafts, and a turbocharger with adjustable vanes, making it remarkably refined as well as Euro 5 emissions compliant, ahead of the 2010 deadline.

The Audi TT is a pretty spiffing technical tour de force in terms of its chassis construction, with aluminium and steel combining to keep the TDI Roadster's weight down to 1,415kg (1,370kg Coup). That's just 120kg (110kg) heavier than the 2.0-litre petrol - including the heft added by the standard fit quattro drivetrain.

It goes without saying the outside is beyond stunning and the inside of the diesel is TT as as good. This means a six-speed manual gearbox, low-slung seating position, flat-bottomed steering wheel, and build quality that remains unrivalled in this sector. Equipment includes a 140-watt CD stereo, 17-inch alloys, leather and Alcantara sports seats, and electronic climate control. As a Roadster it comes complete with a fully automatic folding soft-top, and integrated wind deflector.

So it's refined, Fast enough, Handles well,Almost impossible to distinguish from any other TT and of courseHighly desirable. How does it do saving the planet Silly question reallyemitting as little as 140g/km CO2, while returning 53.5mpg.