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Audi RS3 and A3 e-tron due for launch in 2014

posted on Oct 25 2012 by Sam Jones

Audi RS3 and A3 e-tron due for launch in 2014

The Audi A3 range is set to be expanded earlier than anticipated with Audi to launch the new RS3 and A3 e-tron models in early 2014.
Audi has usually waited until a few months before the end of the A3s production cycle before deciding to release the RS3, which is a more intense version of the hatchback. Despite this the new RS3 will go on sale in spring 2014, just over a year after the S3 is set to be released.

The four-wheel drive RS3, like the previous model, will use a five-cylinder turbocharged engine. However, it is expected that the new lighter version will be more powerful than the old car and should exceed 335bhp.

Audi will also launch a plug-in hybrid e-tron version of the A3 early on in 2014. This will be probably be alike Audis concept car that was revealed at the 2011 Shanghai motor show which used a 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine and an electric motor to produce 296bhp. Some of this power will likely be lost by the time the e-tron reaches production but, due to its lithium batteries, should be able to run for roughly 30 miles using just electric power.