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Audi reveal the 190mph 2013 RS6 Avant

posted on Dec 05 2012 by Sam Jones

Audi reveal the 190mph 2013 RS6 Avant

The new RS6 Avant estate is the first of four RS models Audi has planned for 2013. Also due for next year are the RS5 Cabriolet, the RS7 and the Q3 RS.

Featuring a 552bhp 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, the new RS6 can manage 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds. This is 0.7seconds faster than its predecessor, which is a considerable improvement in performance despite being outpowered by the old car by 20bhp. This feat has been achieved by reducing the RS6s weight by 100kg, adding a new eight-speed auto and 700Nm of torque. Buyers who opt for the Dynamic Plus package also increase the speed limiter from 155mph to 190mph. Fuel economy and CO2 emissions have also been improved by 40%, to 28.8mpg and 229g/km respectively, thanks to the start/stop technology which comes as standard.

Despite being wider, the appearance of the new RS6 Avant is more subtle this time round with restrained and smooth styling. Deep air intakes and a distinctive quattro badge can be found on the front of the car, the later marking Quattros 30th anniversary. Carbonfibre parts will also be available as optional extras.

The final UK specs and prices are yet to be confirmed but the RS6 Avant is expected to cost around £77,000 when launched next July, with the Dynamic Plus package costing much more.  View the very latest Audi RS lease deals here.