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Audi A6 2.0 TDI 170 Le Mans 4dr only £320pm

posted on Dec 08 2009 by Kyle McWilton

This is a car leasing deal that doesn't come along very often. You can, for a limited time, lease the Audi A6 Le Mans Edition for a mind-blowing 320 per month. The car is available for both business and personal lease deals on a 2 year lease. No doubt you'll know what the A6 is about. But let's take a closer look at the extraordinary amount of value you're getting for this lease deal: Audi sum up the A6 range perfectly in one sentence; Performance, handling, comfort - a premium saloon in every respect. Let's start with the in car 'infotainment':

HDD navigation for stress-free motoring With the optional hard drive based (HDD) navigation system, being lost becomes a thing of the past. Simply enter a destination using the Multi Media Interface (MMI) in the centre console, or just say where you want to go, using the advanced voice recognition system. The HDD navigation system has a 40GB hard drive meaning that maps load incredibly fast and there's an abundance of detail (including 3D buildings in cities and photo realistic 3D landmarks) when you zoom in. You can also specify modifications to the route such as avoiding or using motorways, toll roads and ferries. And you can recall favourite and recent destinations which are stored in your address book. The system can also adjust the route you're taking dynamically based on the latest traffic situation. It receives RDS-TMC (Traffic Message Channel) automatically so it knows about hold-ups before you do and, if dynamic navigation is active, the system automatically recalculates the route. Your own personal jukebox If you choose the HDD-based Satellite Navigation system, you can also create your own personal jukebox. With 10GB of its hard drive set aside for music, you download via CDs, USB sticks or SD memory cards up to 4,000 music tracks. The safety aspects of the car have also been taken very seriously.

Airbags Adaptive technology improves on the original airbag concept significantly. In the event of a collision, the level of impact and the position of the seat are considered and the deployment force of the airbag is adjusted accordingly. Front and side airbags for both the driver and front passenger are available as standard across all A6 models. Seat belts If there's a head-on collision, the three-point inertia reel seat belts tighten to strap you to your seat more securely, limiting excessive movement caused by momentum. Audi Backguard head restraints The Audi Backguard system is designed into the body of the seat and counteracts the dangers of whiplash injuries to the neck and head in the event of a rear-end collision.

ESP keeps you pointing in the right direction Audi's electronic stability program (ESP) is a combination of advanced technologies that helps keep the car under control in more extreme situations such as when you need to avoid an unexpected obstacle in the road. ESP is especially helpful in adverse weather conditions. When you need to turn quickly and sharply, ESP identifies your intended direction and responds by applying the brakes to individual wheels.

Brake disc wiping euro keeping your brakes dry In the wet, ESP also dries the brake discs by intermittently applying the brake pads lightly. You and your passengers won't notice but, compared with conventional braking systems, your stopping distances on wet roads will be considerably shortened.

Child safety as standard With ISOFIX, compatible child safety seats can be fitted swiftly and securely. On each outer rear seat and the front passenger seat, ISOFIX mounting points are provided. The front passenger airbag can be deactivated for when a child seat is present. ISOFIX mountings are standard across the model range.

Adaptive lights show you the way Optional adaptive lights swivel in the headlamp cluster. When turning, they follow the steering wheel and cast a wider angle of illumination so you can see round the bend more clearly at night. Adaptive lights include kerb lights. They come on when the steering wheel is turned a certain amount or when you use the indicators. When you put the car in reverse, the kerb lights on both sides of the car illuminate. They make it easier to see when you're parking in the dark.

Electronic safety systems The onboard technologies on Audi vehicles make them some of the safest in the world euro especially when road conditions are less than perfect.

ABS The Anti-lock braking system works by momentarily releasing and then applying the brakes when it detects a skid resulting in reduced stopping distances and the ability to turn under emergency braking.

ASR Anti-slip regulation euro or traction control euro reduces power to any wheel that is in danger of spinning. Full power is returned when traction is re-established.

EBD Electronic brake-force distribution works in conjunction with ABS to ensure an even maximum braking force between the front and rear wheels.

EDL The electronic differential lock allows a smooth getaway on surfaces with mixed levels of grip.

ESP Audi's electronic stability programme uses the four technologies above. It identifies the intended direction and applies braking to individual wheels to help keep the car stable. So with a very comprehensive line-up of saftey features, the A6 is a very solid car to drive. And knowing there's a wide range of extra safety systems watching your back, you feel confident driving the Audi A6. Now, about the car's styling. The interior specification is as impressive as everything you've learnt so far.

Multi-function steering wheel With the leather multi-function steering wheel, fitted as standard, you can operate certain functions on the radio, CD player, Audi music interface, TV, mobile phone and navigation system without taking your hands off the wheel. What controls are available depend on what equipment you have fitted. If your car is equipped with HDD satellite navigation, you can speak certain commands using the europush to talk' button.

S line interior The optional S line trim level adds further attention to detail and a touch of sportiness to the already spacious and comfortable interior. Interior features include:

  • S line embossed Milano leather sports seats with electrically adjustable lumbar support
  • Sill plates with S line logo
  • A three-spoke S line sports steering wheel in black leather (with shift paddles on automatic models)
  • Matt-brushed aluminium inlays.

The exterior of the Audi A6 has retained the wide stance and looks just like an premium executive cruiser should. As as with all Audi's new models, it comes with Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime-running lights Slimline, Xenon headlights not only look stunning, they project a distinctive blue-white brightness that's twice as powerful as traditional halogen bulbs. They make driving in poor weather or at night less tiring and altogether safer. Stylish and efficient Distinctive LED daytime-running lights provide light during daytime and, thanks to innovative LED technology, they consume less energy and have a considerably longer working life than standard dipped lights. Xenon plus headlights with LED daytime-running lights and kerb lights are standard on S line and Le Mans models. Just like their new stylish headlights, there are some other features that are common to all new Audi cars.

Recuperation When you're coasting or braking, the car's alternator generates electricity. Recuperation allows it to be stored so when you're accelerating or driving at a constant speed, the stored electricity is used to drive the alternator. Recuperation reduces fuel consumption by up to 3% and therefore lowers CO2 emissions.

Sleek design for greater efficiency Aerodynamic performance is critical for reducing fuel consumption and raising efficiency. Audi prototypes spend over 1,000 hours in a wind tunnel with improvements being made so drag can be reduced. Less air resistance also means improved handling, lower CO2 emissions and even improved safety. Improvements such as door mirrors which are aerodynamically shaped so rain is directed away from the side windows for better all-round visibility is another notable product of this extensive development process. After rigorously testing and fine tuning the Audi A6, the 2.0 TDIe achieved a remarkably low drag co-efficient of just 0.28. In addition to these features that are common to all new audis, the new Audi A6 has some extra gadgets that make driving them a real pleasure.

Coming Home Lights Function The car is equipped with a sensor that measures the amount of ambient light and reacts accordingly. If it's dark, the lights go on. When leaving the car in the dark, the front fog lights, taillights and number plate light remain on and only turn off after a specified time, which can be easily set up using the Multi Media Interface (MMI). This allows you to use the car's lights to guide you to the front door of your house, for example. Similarly, when you unlock the car remotely, the careuros interior and exterior lights switch on, so you can find your way to your car in the dark. Coming home / leaving home light technology is standard on all Audi A6s.

Parking Assistance When you reverse, the Audi Acoustic Parking System is activated. It sounds a clear tone if there are obstacles behind the car. The nearer you get, the more frequent the tones. The sound becomes continuous at just 30cm from the obstacle. This system is standard with the A6 Le Mans Edition.

Audi Lane Assist The optional Audi lane assist helps prevent you from drifting out of your chosen lane. A tiny image recognition camera watches the lane markings on either side. If you veer too far right or left, the system knows you're in danger and vibrates the steering wheel to alert you. If you change lanes using your indicators, the system knows that's safe and temporarily switches itself off.

The A6 Le Mans Edition As you can tell from our headline, when you choose this leasing deal, you're not just leasing the Audi A6, you're going to be leasing the Audi A6 Le Mans Edition. Here's what's special about this exclusive upgrade... Audi has won the legendary Le Mans 24-hour race an incredible eight times in the past ten years. In honour of our achievement, we produced this exciting Le Mans package especially for the Audi A6. The package includes:

  • Distinctive 19 alloy wheels
  • Metallic paint
  • Rear acoustic parking system
  • Heated front seats
  • Subtle interior lighting with LED technology
  • Unique Le Mans edition badging

Audi A6 Car Leasing The 2 year car leasing deal for the Audi A6 is exceptional value, with deals starting from only 320 per month. And the personal leasing deals start at 395 per month -- and this includes maintenance! Amazingly good value.