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Aston Martin Cygnet Car Leasing: For the Children or Nanny.

posted on Dec 16 2009 by Jade Hensby

Aston Martin Cygnet Car Leasing: For the Children or Nanny.

I am sure existing Aston Martin owners are going to lease one of these Aston Martin Cygnet's for their Children or Nanny! Finally revealed to the world is the Aston Martin Cygnet which is based on a reclothed Toyota iQ that takes the British supercar firm sub-20K and into the world of low emission city cars.

Instead of burning up the ozone as many Aston martins do, you will be able lease this Aston Martin Cygnet and know your only emitting 113g/km of carbon emissions and this will do Aston's range average the world of good. The DBS emits more than triple that. That sub 120g/km figure comes from the Cygnet's predicted engine choice, the iQ's range-topping 97bhp 1.3-litre.

The Toyota covers 0-62mph in a dizzying 11.8sec and goes on to a 106mph top speed. Now I'm sure you wont be to surprised if the Cygnet lags behind those figures as its transformation from Japanese city car to Aston Martin sees lashings of kit and trim thrown at it. With heards of leather and luxury inside will no doubt pump the kerb weight up a bit but it's the exterior that will immediately distinguish this Aston martin Cygnet from any other Toyota IQ you have ever seen.

The full complement of current Aston design cues have been squeezed into the design, with a grafted-on grille, fake bonnet vents, 16in alloys, side vents and rear lights that ape the DB9 and Vantage right down to the door handles you see on modern Aston Martins.

Sales are looking to begin by the end of 2010, with orders initially being offered to existing Aston customers, with general sale expected to follow shortly after. Initial discussions say that 1000 to 2000 units per year will be rolling off the production line! If you are looking for a car for your nanny right now and can't wait until the end of 2010 for the new Aston Martin Cygnet, take a look at our current car leasing special offers.