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Are Electric Cars The Way of The Future?

posted on Sep 20 2013 by Jade Hensby

Are Electric Cars The Way of The Future?

We've all seen in the news the type of press that electric cars have had over the past few years, and lets face it weve all been sceptical of its true potential. However recently there have been noticeable improvements in both use and design; in this blog were going to weigh up the pros and cons of leasing an electric car and what difference youll notice from every other car youve driven. offers you the chance to lease electric vehicles, and at great prices what's not to love? We are starting to lease a few more electric cars - simply select 'electric' from the Fuel Type drop down on our car search table.Gone are the early days of wacky designs and futuristic fails, with brands such as Peugeot and Chevrolet designing their own version, and they look fantastic.

Electric car


But what really influences peoples decisions when looking at these cars is the range that they can do. During an average test, the electric cars have been able to travel between 60-100 miles, but there is a catch; there was no heating, air-con or other features in use whilst driving. What we need to make clear however is that these statistics can vary depending on the make and model you choose. For those who are conscious of the environment, youll be pleased to know that one of the major benefits of leasing an electric car is that they do not emit toxic chemicals that are harmful to the quality of our air; this is especially beneficial when driving in cities across the UK.

Obviously the question that most people ask is how do I charge my car Gone are the days of having power stations in remote Welsh villages. Now we have an array of choices- home charging is available to those who can run a cable from their house to their car. Depending on which make you go for, the charging hours are between six and eight hours, but with most of the charging taking place in the first hour its easy to achieve a high capacity in a shorter amount of time. By charging your car at night, there is also a much lower tariff, so there is no need to worry about the cost of electric spiralling out of control. Charging your car on the road has become much more convenient too, with local dealerships offering use of the charging stations, selected petrol stations installing them, and if youre unsure of other locations there is even an app available that shows you where the nearest charging point can be found.

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There are plenty of initiatives when it comes to electric as well, from government schemes to tax breaks. So will all this in mind, isnt it about time we all started considering electric cars?