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New App Allows You to Park from the Pavement

posted on Jan 23 2014 by Jade Hensby

New App Allows You to Park from the Pavement

For those drivers who struggle to reverse into tight spaces, they don’t need to panic anymore as Bosch has developed an app that will take over the entire process. The automatic parking system involves installing 12 sensors into a car which will scan the road and park up, without any bumps or scratches. It is claimed that the technology is so sophisticated that the driver can run the parking process from the side of the road using an app on their smartphone.

It is thought the system will be particularly useful in Britain and Europe, where parking spaces in supermarkets, offices and public multi-storeys are notoriously tight. The automatic parking assist system was unveiled by German Electronics Company at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The system is the latest evidence to show that drivers will increasingly become passengers as computers take over the business of getting from A-B. In a separate development, Samsung has unveiled a new app involving its Gear smartwatch which can communicate with, and control some aspects of BMW’s new i3 electric car.

However, the new Bosch design goes one step further to take over the entire process. Demonstrating the technology, Fred Sejalon, Engineering Manager at Bosch said “the vehicle is fitted with 12 ultra-sonic sensors and when the driver wishes to park they just have to enable the system and sensors to start scanning the environment. The technology, which will be available next year, will also help drivers from wandering out of their lanes on the motorway.

The system will be pre-installed in new cars by a range of manufacturers, who have yet to be named. In theory it may also be possible to add it to older cars, providing that they have on board a computer that allows control of the steering wheel and gears.