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Another Rave Review For Mercedes E Class

posted on Feb 01 2010 by Sam Jones

Another Rave Review For Mercedes E Class

The positive reviews for the Mercedes E Class keep on coming! This is another press release taken from Mercedes' website:

"Motorists wanting a long-lasting vehicle that benefits from top levels of production quality should consider the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate range, according to Richard Hammond. Writing in his blog for the Daily Mirror, the Top Gear presenter speaks particularly highly of the vehicle's class-leading capacity and the use of innovations to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide generated."

"Mr Hammond notes that 'these reliable German-quality wagons are so well made that many of the oldest models are still doing good service'. The newest E-Class Estate provides motorists with 695 litres of space when the rear seats are left in their typical position, but this drastically increases to 1,950 litres when they are dropped."

"Meanwhile, alongside the practicality of allowing drivers to transport their children and belongings with the minimum of fuss, the estate also does so with a little bit of luxury. Comfortable head and leg room awaits motorists when inside the vehicle, while clean, bold lines feature throughout the cabin to create a striking first impression."