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An Alternative Fuel Future

posted on Feb 05 2014 by Jade Hensby

An Alternative Fuel Future

Hyundai are looking to the future. They are working hard on establishing itself as the leader in hydrogen fuel-cell model, which will be out on the road by late Spring.

Fleet boss Martin Wilson predicts the brand will lease 20-30 vehicles this year, with the first orders already placed in the UK. The companies own model is due to arrive in April.

Martin Wilson said “We’ve got orders, but three areas have to be right: the second owner market, which is not quite there for now because it is a new technology; the infrastructure needs to be in place; and there needs to be greater awareness”. He went on to say that “the key for me is that it tells customer that we are at the forefront of technology, but I’m under no illusion that every one of our customers will put their hands up for one”.

The early adopters include public sector organisations under pressure to make moves to improve local air pollution, and those with a vested interest in the hydrogen market becoming more established, such as refuelling operators.

Wilson went on the say “The people in the city of London are really passionate because it drives down have a car like the ix35 that can be refuelled in three to four minutes and not have a range or air pollution issues is exciting stuff”.

Keep your eyes peeled during Spring and see if you spot this refuelling leader!