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Alfa Romeo 159 - All Models - Whilst Stocks Last.

posted on Apr 15 2009 by Kyle McWilton

Alfa Romeo 159 - All Models - Whilst Stocks Last. has access to Stock Alfa Romeo 159 Saloons and Sportwagons with additional manufacturer support, but at prices starting from as little as £259 + VAT per month, they will soon sell out. The Alfa Romeo is in a class totally dominated by efficient and predictable German designs, yet the passionate Alfa Romeo 159 you have to agree is a breath of fresh air.

The past Alfa Romeos have created memories of unreliability and expensive servicing has put many a driver off. Gone are these days, servicing is no more than any other Marque and reliability is no longer a concern, don't even worry about the price of owner ship and depreciation as now you can lease this car through a business or privately with It's pretty hard not to be completely captivated by the 159's visual impact. The hooded lights are only one element that makes the Italian saloon so individual euro it's a compact executive that doesn't follow the crowd.

This extends to the car's dimensions. It's a significantly bigger machine than its rivals, nearly 100mm longer than anything else here, plus it's lower and wider, too. No wonder the Alfa looks so athletic and with the prominent Italian labelling positioned around the cabin, you are never allowed to forget the nationality of the car you're sitting in. The front-wheel-drive Alfa is characterful and fun, which immediately gives it a distinct advantage over the Audi. We have all models of the 159 in the Saloon and Sportwagon models, please speak to one of our Leasing Sales Team for further information 01273 789 900 or visit our website to see our latest Alfa Romeo lease deals.