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Driving After a Storm: How to Stay Safe on the Roads

posted on Oct 28 2013 by Jade Hensby

Driving After a Storm: How to Stay Safe on the Roads

This weekend the South coast and much of England saw the worst storm on record since 1987. Due to the severity of the weather, it seems important to write about how to keep safe on the roads after a storm has finished, and hopefully we will all stay safe on the roads in the following few days.

Dont start a wet engine- if the car has been parked in a flooded area or has been standing in deep water, turning on the engine can cause serious damage so do not turn the car on.

Avoiding driving through standing water- After this weeks hurricane conditions, standing water can hide pot holes or road damage so avoid driving through standing water as much as possible.

Debris on the road- As weve all seen the roads can be covered in debris and fallen trees/objects but this is covering the surface- there may be nails etc under the debris so drive carefully during these times you have a higher risk of getting a flat tire.

Wet brakes- lightly apply the brakes after driving through large puddles so you can dry the brakes off.

Dont drive under fallen trees- though it may be tempting to drive under a tree that has fallen, it is mere chance that it is caught on something and could fall at any moment. Even if you avoid driving on the lines, there is still a chance of an accident so avoid this at all costs.

Tree on road

Call your insurance company- if there is any damage caused from the hurricane then call your insurance company immediately. Be sure to take photographs of your car showing the damage. This may help with processing a claim.

Be aware of pedestrians- Be sure to check your surroundings for pedestrians. There is going to be more people walking so they can check damage in the area or check on others etc. Be sure you know where your hazards are and be alert to change your speed if you suddenly need to.

By staying safe on the roads, you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can to be a responsible driving in times when everyone is affected.