Acronyms Baffle Most Motorists

posted on Nov 09 2016 by Karen Liggett

Acronyms Baffle Most Motorists

Do you know your SUV from your FWD, your CVT from your CMBS? Chances are you've no idea what it all means, according to new research carried out by online car buyer's guide NEW CAR NET. As they strive to keep up with advances in new motoring technology, car manufacturers continuously come up with a dizzying array of acronyms for their newest gadgets and gizmos. But NCN's thousands of users were largely baffled when they were asked to RSVP to a quick online quiz.

Only a third of motorists canvassed knew, for instance, that PCS stands for Pre-Collision System, with half believing it refers to a completely fictional Proactive Cornering Stability.

Most people knew one of the easier answers, with 97 percent guessing correctly that PAS means Power Assisted Steering. But on another seemingly easy poser, opinion was split right down the middle as to whether FWD stands for Front or Four Wheel Drive, the former being the right answer.

"Buying a car is a stressful process on its own, without having to try and decipher all these acronyms," says Massimo Pini, of NEW CAR NET. "Most of us have enough trouble choosing a make, model, colour and price range. All of these confusing initials, which generally refer to bits of incidental technology on the car, might sound impressive when the salesman reels them off, but motorists clearly have no idea what they all mean.

"If you're buying a car, you shouldn't feel stupid for not understanding the acronyms. Ask the salesman what they stand for and what the part they refer to actually does. You'll often find you don't really need to know about them anyway!" Overall, only seven percent of people who took part in the NCN questionnaire got all 10 questions right. Most people (17.5 percent) got only 6 out of 10 correct.