Toyota IQ made exempt from London Congestion charges

posted on Nov 01 2010 by LYNC

From January,Toyota IQowners won't have to pay the central London congestion charge. The potential saving of around 2,500 a year comes as Boris Johnson announced a new, revised Greener Vehicle Discount scheme last week.

Starting on 4th January, all vehicles with low CO2 emmissions of100g/km or less and which meet the Euro 5 air quality standards, will be given total exemption from paying the congestion charge. With CO2 emissions of just 99g/km, the IQ is the third Toyotamodel to qualify for the emeption. The ever-popular Toyota Prius and new Auris Hybrid both boast CO2 emissions of 89g/km will continue to be exempt from the congestion charge under the revised scheme.

Let's face it; this will undoubtedly be a major boost to Toyota and a very welcome break from all the doom and despair that has surrounded so many manufacturers over the last couple of yours.

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