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Rowan Atkinson’s Newest Car: Skoda!

posted on Oct 29 2013 by Jade Hensby

Rowan Atkinson’s Newest Car: Skoda!

We all know that Rowan Atkinson has a taste for nice cars. His impressive collection includes motors such as an Aston Martin DB2, Rolls-Royce phantom coupe and a vintage Ford Falcon but now we can also add the Skoda! It was in October 2013 that Rowan Atkinson was photographed using his 18,000 Skoda on a shopping trip.

In 2011 Atkinson crashed his McLaren which is estimated to be worth (today) 3 million. This year he successfully claimed from the insurance company an estimated 910,000 to fix the super car, making this the highest repair bill in Britain. The actor lost control of the 240mph car after veering off a slippery section of the A605, consequently hitting a tree and bursting into flames. Though Atkinson came out of the crash with a broken shoulder his vehicle was a virtual write-off.

 Rowan Atkinson's write off

It is estimated that his insurance premiums will have risen dramatically since the accident, up to 60,000 a year and this was his second accident in the supercar. The first accident he crashed into the back of a Rover Metro.

Thankfully his insurance for the Skoda would be a little less, coming in at 2,000 a year instead.

The difference between the McLaren and Skoda is noticeable. The McLaren F1 is the fastest non-turbo charged production car in the world, coming in at 240mph. For the money conscious it has a startlingly six miles to the gallon and the engine bay is lined with 25g of gold foil. This isnt your average car set up.

However, the Skoda is a lot more practical. The Skoda has a top speed of 130mph, and can do 42 miles per gallon- much more realistic! And with insurance for Atkinson coming in at only 2,000 this is definitely a much cheaper option!

While Skoda has, in the past, been subject to cruel jokes, Skoda has had the last laugh by topping the league table for most popular car-maker and was named the most satisfying car to own in Britain.

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