Bond car sells at London auction

posted on Oct 29 2010 by Jo Petty

It may have caught your attention that there was anauction of the Aston DB5 that starred in the Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball on Wednesday night.
the Aston DB5 that starred in the Bond movies Goldfinger and Thunderball

In reality, the auction was a little on the flat side with most of the carsselling for themiddle or lower end of their estimates, despite a multi-lingual auctioneer switchingbetween English, French and Italian to encourage the international bidders.

One noteable exception was the Jag XKR special effects car from Bond movie Die Another Day, which fetched £50k. This car went for £15k above estimate, visibly delighting the chap from Jaguar Cars.

'That Bond Car' was Lot 197 and a promo video preceded bidiing around 9.30pm. Unfortunately, the first bid came from a hoaxer who thought it would be funny to open with a bid of £10m!! This left the the auction room a little flat but eventually a genuine opening bid of £2.5m, indicating that there may just have been a scramble to the esimated £3.5m + that the seller, Jerry Lee had been hoping for.

'That Bond Car'

With the second bidder, American car-collector Harry Yeaggy from Cincinnati, offering 2.6m, the original bidder faded in to the background, leaving Harry as thetriumphant bidder.

Harry beamed with excitement and posed with the car, telling people he was going to drive it around London later that night. His 1935 Duisenberg Special won best of show at Pebble Beach in 2007 so it begs the question: will we see a fully restored Bond car there in the near future.

Lee had nurtured the Aston for 41 years to see it sold in five minutes and to just two bids. Still, the Bond DB5 was a spectacular investment when bought in 1969 for $12,000 Lee realised a 216 times return on his original outlay.