Green Motoring

BMWi3: The Visionary Electric Vehicle

posted on Nov 26 2013 by Jade Hensby

BMWi3 is an all-encompassing, ground breaking concept for sustainable mobility. It represents visionary electric vehicles and motor services whilst inspiring design and a new understanding of premium that is defined by sustainability. The fully electric BMWi3 is an emission free car for the urban motoring, is sustainable and is designed to be the future of sports car.

The car is all about visionary electric vehicles and services. It redefines the idea of personal transport with purpose-built car concepts and a focus on sustainability throughout the entire process. BMW LifeDrive is the first vehicle architecture custom-built for electric cars. It is created from two separate units. The Life module which is the passenger cell made of carbon fibre, and the Drive module which comprises of the suspension, drive components and high-voltage battery. With no transmission tunnel running through the car, there is even more room for passengers.

BMW development was not just about building sustainable cars. The BMWi3 is designed to use the maximum possible suitably-produced and recycled materials inside and out, the interior of the BMW i3 sets a new standard whilst the carbon fibre passenger cell and aluminium drive module combine to reduce the weight of the cars range.


One exceptional feature is the BMW i Remote App, available on IOS AND Android. This app shows you detailed information on the current status of your BMWi. For example, the car location, range and battery charge level, service messages and information, and whether the doors are locked. This app also measures the efficiency of each journey and gives helpful tips on how to drive the car more efficiently to extend the range.

Let the car of tomorrow begin, today.