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7 Common Car Care Fails

posted on Jul 06 2015 by Kiri Nowak

7 Common Car Care Fails

It’s surprising how many people have no idea how to take care of their car. They ignore problems, making them worse and causing more damage to their car. There are certain things all car owners need to do on a regular basis to keep their cars in good condition.

Cars that are well looked after are less likely to break down are safer and will last longer. If you are looking at selling your car then it’s worth going the extra mile to make sure you look after it. You may not notice any problems to begin with, but if you don’t take car of your care you are likely to experience a lot of problems later on down the line.

Here are some of the most obvious mistakes people make when it comes to taking care of their car.

Not checking oil levels

Letting your oil level get too low can cause serious problems. When your car runs out of oil its parts cannot be lubricated, which causes them to break or fuse together. Your engine will seize up and the vehicle will stall. If this happens to your car your engine will most likely be ruined and it will be extremely expensive to fix/replace. This situation is completely avoidable, all you have to do is check your oil levels regularly and top your car up with oil when needed.

Skipping services

When your car goes in for a service it basically has a health check. This is necessary to pick up on any teething problems and issues. Servicing can help identify issues before they become too serious and costly. It’s also key to maintaining a well looked after car.

People who fail to get their car serviced every year are making a very obvious car care fail. A service is not the same as an MOT, it is done to check the wear and tear of car parts and fluids and is a major factor in helping to take care of your car.

Driving with illegal tyres

It’s not only illegal to drive with tyres that are below an acceptable tread or pressure level, it’s also very dangerous. When your tyres are in desperate need of replacing your car will start to skid. It’s crucial to check your tyre tread and pressure levels on a regular basis.

Not repairing windscreen cracks

Everyone knows that if you leave a tiny dent in your windscreen for too long it will turn into a much bigger crack.. People know this, yet still end up having to pay for an entire new windscreen just because they didn’t get a small crack fixed. As soon as you see a dent in your windscreen get it repaired, the AA offer their members a free AA Windscreen Repair service.

Riding the clutch

A lot of people do this without even realising. They rest their foot on the clutch when they aren’t using it, unknowingly causing damage. Make sure you fully release the clutch pedal when you are not using it.

Driving like a maniac

One of the best ways to look after your car is to take care when driving it. Don’t drive around like a maniac, screech around corners and rag your engine. If you drive your car with care it will remain in good condition for longer.

Always running fuel low

Its’ tempting to put off filling your car up with fuel and to continue driving while the petrol warning light is on. Grit, dirt and dust can gather at the bottom of your petrol tank, so if the fuel tank is constantly low this will be running through your engine. Avoid running your car until the petrol is almost empty too often. The best thing to do is to fill your car up and only let it run down to half a tank.

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