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5 Richest Racers

posted on Nov 21 2014 by Gabe Grover

5 Richest Racers

We can all agree that race drivers have one of the best jobs on the planet. They have the opportunity to drive the most technologically advanced vehicles, on the most incredible tracks for a living. But exactly how much do these racers make? Here’re the 5 richest race drivers!

Nico Rosberg - £6,700,000:

Nico Rosberg - £6,700,000

At spot number 5 is 29 year old German Formula One driver Nico Rosberg who was born in Wiesbaden, West Germany in 1985. His profession comes as no surprise when you consider both the fact that he is the son of Finnish Formula One world champion, Keke Rosberg, and the fact that he spent the vast majority of his youth in Monaco…Rosberg has an estimate net worth of £6.7 million, he earned this by racing in a selection of series’, of course, Formula One, with his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton, Formula Three and GP2. Rosberg has a total of 8 Grand Prix Wins to his name.

Nigel Mansell – £51,000,000:

Nigel Mansell – £51,000,000

Coming in at number 2 is Nigel Mansell, Mansell is the only racer to have both the title of Formula One world champion, and CART title simultaneously (1993). He won 31 times and has a career point total of 482. He has an astonishing net worth of £50 million pounds, and every penny was well earned.

Lewis Hamilton - £127,000,000:

Lewis Hamilton -  £127,700,000:

Lewis Hamilton has been performing exquisitely recently, with his next race approaching, he has lots on his mind. But financial issues are not one of them. He has an estimate net worth of £127 million pounds that he earned throughout his lifetime on the track, and following his second Grand Prix win at Abu Dhabi yesterday (23/11/2014), there are talks of Mercedes offering the young star a £100,000,000 deal. Meaning he'll be making his way up the rich list ranks faster than expected!

Ayrton Senna - £250,400,000:

Ayrton Senna - £250,400,000

Although Senna may have deceased following the terrible crash he suffered in 1994, he will always be remembered as one of the greatest, if not the greatest formula one drivers of all time. Senna has an estimate net worth of £250 million pounds which he earned throughout his extremely successful driving career. Senna got into driving after his father bought him a go kart for his tenth birthday, he then went on to win multiple junior championships before he took the world by storm.

The Brazilian public will eternally be grateful for Senna’s incredibly generous charitable donations towards the then, struggling country. In all, Senna donated the majority of his lifelong earnings to the country of Brazil, reportedly over 350 million dollars.

Michael Schumacher - £510,969,000:

Michael Schumacher - £510,969,000

Michael Schumacher is no stranger to first place, on this list he finds himself again, at the top of the podium. With an estimate networth of £510 million pounds, he is the richest race driver alive by miles. Schumacher does not need an introduction. He has an astonishing career point total of 1,566, has a total of 91 wins. Yes, he wins all the time…

Of course, we are all aware of Schumachers tragic injury that he suffered whilst skiing. He was brought back to his home for rehabilitation in September 2014, but as of November 2014, his health remains in bad condition.