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5 Gadgets and Gizmos for your new lease car

posted on Oct 31 2014 by Gabe Grover

5 Gadgets and Gizmos for your new lease car

We all love gadgets, whether it’s our Smartphone’s, tablets, or any other piece of technology, they’ve been engraved into our everyday life, and there’s nothing better than equipping your new lease car with some flashy functionality. 

Here’re 5 of our favourite gadgets available for your car right now.

Navdy (£205):

Starting with our staffs favourite, Navdy is truly something that looks like it was taken back to our today from the year 3000 in a time machine. In short, Navdy projects a crystal clear transparent interface in the form of a HUD (Heads up Display). The UI appears to be 2 metres in front of the driver so that it is in the same field of focus as the road ahead. The interface is navigated through a series of either audible commands or motion gestures, for example, you can ask your Navdy to ‘Call mum’ or reply to a text just by dictating what you’d like to say. Navdy is available for pre-order on their website for £205 with postage included, but if you wait until 2015 and buy it at retail price, it’ll cost you around £330. A great deal Navdy are offering is a 10% discount for every customer you refer to them, if you refer 10 friends, your Navdy is free!
Click here to go to their website and click here to watch Navdy’s reveal video.
Click here to pre-order this amazing product!

Bactrack S80 Pro Breathalyser (£80):

Next is Bactrack’s S80 Pro Breathalyser. The S80 gives the most accurate BAC compared to all of the non federal grade breathalysers on the market. It meets all the requirements met the DOT/NHTSA personal breath test. The devices battery for 1500 tests and is navigated extremely simply through Bactrack’s ‘one touch operation’. When ordered off the official website, this device comes with 50 free mouthpieces, which is a great deal and should last you a while.
This device is perfect for anyone who wants peace of mind when driving after a glass of wine, but you should always remember, drinking and driving is very bad!
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Halfords Cyclonic Wet and Dry (£60):

We all love drive through food, and sometimes cars can get a tad crumby. Halfords Cyclonic Wet and Dry handheld vacuum is the perfect thing for those situations. With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 20 minutes, and you can always plug it into a socket for more time. It has an extendable, flexible hose that’s designed to get to those hard to reach crevices. It has a 2 speed switch and can even suck up small spillages.
So if you’re looking for an affordable hoover that’ll comfortably fit in your boot, this is the product for you!
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EE Buzzard 4G HotSpot (£60 on PAYG):

Long journeys can be absolutely excruciating for the people in the backseat, and if you have children, you’ll be more than aware of their necessity to have constant Wifi access. With the Buzzard from EE, you just plug the device into the cigarette port of your car, and you can connect up to 10 devices to the super fast 4G hotspot.
Of course, 4G is not always available, so you’ll get 3G speed when out of a 4G area.
This product is available as Pay as You Go, or on a contract.
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ResQMe (£10):

The last product on our list is quite literally, a life saver. ResQMe is a product designed to help you escape a dangerous situation in which you are trapped within your car. Being a more portable version of the ‘LifeHammer’, ResQMe is compact, light and can even be fitted onto a keyring so that it’s accessible at all times.
This product is more efficient than one would think at shattering windows, and slicing through seatbelts, Click here to see how ResQme has been used in real life situations.

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