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5 Favourite Chase Scenes

posted on Nov 11 2014 by Gabe Grover

5 Favourite Chase Scenes

For many of us, car chases were the thing that ignited our love for cars. Whether it be Sean Connery swooping through the curved roads of Switzerland in his beautiful DB5 in ‘Goldfinger’, or Michael Cane and company speeding over rooftops in their Austin Cooper S’ in ‘The Italian Job’, these scenes inspired us.

The Italian Job (1969)

Peter Collinson’s ‘The Italian Job’ contains both what is possibly the most iconic sentence in cinema and one of the most memorable car chase scenes ever made. Watching those three Mini Coopers race over the rooftops of Turin is an extremely nostalgic experience, and the relief of seeing the heist artists reach the van will never die.
Click here to watch the brilliant scene.  

The French Connection (1971)

Everyone remembers the moment when Jimmy Doyle, (Gene Hackman) rushes to commandeer a nearby Chevrolet Impala in order to keep up with an ongoing train. Hackman’s performance brilliantly exacerbates the gritty feel of this film. And this chase was the cherry on top.
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 The Blues Brothers (1980)

The Blues Brothers is perhaps one of the best musical comedies ever. Not only does it include the best blues, rock and soul music in any film, ever. It has an absolutely ridiculous car chase too.
No one forgets the moment Elwood turns up to meet Jake in an auctioned off police car, and the chase that follows is unforgettable.
That poor shopping centre…
Click here to see the carnage the Blues Brothers created in this scene.

Die Another Day (2002)

Pierce Brosnan may not have been the greatest Bond, but the chase featured in his fourth and last appearance as 007 is brilliant to say the least. As expected, product placement in this film was as paramount as it has been for Bond films in the past. No wonder the logos of both the Jaguar and Aston Martin in the scene are clearly shot. But the scene when Bond uses the ejecting seat to flip over an incoming missile is just one of those perfect Bond moments. And we love this film for it!
Click here to see Bond dancing on ice.

Quantum of Solace (2008)

For the younger generation, the slow paced editing and standard definition film can sometimes ruin the intensity of a car chase, that, along the fact that cars are just plain faster now days can make older films seem dull.
But Daniel Craig delivers in his second appearance as Bond with this fantastic chase down the winding roads that run alongside Lake Garda. That and 007’s calm removal of Mr White from his boot make this a classic Bond scene.
Click here to watch Bond fight off speeding villains in northern Italy.