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23 Things Only Car Lovers Understand

posted on Jun 09 2015 by Kiri Nowak

23 Things Only Car Lovers Understand

People who don’t like cars struggle to relate to car enthusiasts. If you love cars and are a bit of a petrol head, there are some things that only other car nuts understand. You love nothing more than talking about cars with people who ‘just get it’.

Friends, family and partners who don’t care about cars have no clue why you do some of the things you do. It frustrates you when they aren’t interested in what you have to say about cars. Car lovers are a species of their own, and there are lots of things that they tend to do on a regular basis. Here are 23 things that only car lovers will understand.

1. You can develop a relationship with your car. 

2. The sound of a fast car’s engine is the sexiest sound in the world.

3. Rural driving on a Sunday is the best way to relax.

4. Sometimes you prefer cars to people.

5. You would do anything to own the latest supercar. ANYTHING.

6. Your thoughts are mainly made up of car parts.

7. You always notice when there is something wrong with other people’s cars. Why don’t they get them fixed? They are clearly ruining a perfectly good car.

8. Automatic sports cars are a bit of a waste. Where’s the fun in that?

9. You understand the pain of trying to drive over a speed bump with a dropped car.

10. You truly feel sad when an awesome car is ruined with a terrible paint job. Sometimes, it brings tears to your eyes. It’s practically a crime.

11. If you had to live on a desert island and could bring only one thing it would be your car, even if you can’t drive it. You would just look at it.

12. Spending more time in your car than in your house is completely normal.

13. You don’t want anything but car related gifts for Christmas/your birthday.

14. You struggle to have a conversation with people who don’t understand cars.

15. Your car mechanic is way more important than your plumber/electrician.

16. Anyone who damages your car will never be forgiven.

17. The best way to accessorize your home is using car parts.

18. The only interesting movies are films that include an epic car chase.

19. 90% of your conversations are about cars, which is perfectly normal.

20. It’s perfectly acceptable to spend all your hard earned cash on your ride.

21. Washing your car isn’t a chore, but washing the dishes is.

22. The only things you will bother to take pictures of is cars, your car, and you in your car.

23. Taking pictures of random cars is normal.

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