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15 Most Annoying Things About Driving

posted on May 29 2015 by Kiri Nowak

15 Most Annoying Things About Driving

Driving can be a pleasure but sometimes it can also be very frustrating. Every so often, your patience gets really tested. There are a lot of hold ups, hazards and irritating drivers on the roads these days. Each time you go on a car journey, you probably experience one or two of the following things. Here are 15 of the most annoying things about driving.

1. Roadworks

We all know roadworks are necessary, the roads need to be repaired in order to be safe to drive on. However, knowing this doesn’t make roadworks any less annoying. When you are in a rush, or you are nearly home and roadworks strike it can be very irritating.

2. Diversions

You are happily driving along a motorway or dual carriageway and suddenly the road is closed and there is a diversion. Diversions wouldn’t be much of a problem if they were only short, but a lot of the time they can take forever. What was supposed to be an hour’s journey can end up taking an hour and a half. Diversions often end up taking you on a ridiculously long way round and there ain’t nothin you can do about it.

3. Queue Ahead Signs

The dreaded ‘Queue Ahead’ signs. As soon as you spot them on the motorway your heart sinks and you start to prepare yourself for hours of queuing. Although sometimes these signs seem to play tricks on you, they will say there is a queue when there isn’t, causing you unnecessary panic.

4. Other Drivers

Other drivers are perhaps the most annoying thing about driving. You have no control over what other drivers do, and they can be completely unpredictable. Some of the most irritating things other drivers do include cutting you up, not using indicators, pulling out in front of you and hogging the middle lane. The list goes on.

5. One Way Systems

Getting stuck on a one way system can drive you insane. You go round and round several times with no idea where to go. Make one small mistake and you have to go all the way round the one way system again.

6. Breaking Down

Breaking down is not fun, especially on the motorway, in a really inconvenient location or when you really need to be somewhere.

7. Lane Closures

When you see a sign telling you a lane is closed you know this will cause you some delays. There’s also the annoying drivers who try and skip all the queues by moving across and cutting you up at the very last second.

8. Finding Parking Spaces

Driving can be very frustrating when you are trying to find a parking space. When you are in a location where parking spaces are like gold dust finding a space becomes an absolute mission. When other drivers steal the space you have been waiting for all hell breaks loose.

9. Potholes

Potholes cause a lot of damage to cars in the UK and it can be pretty difficult to avoid them. When you know you have just driven over one you instantly get annoyed, wondering if any damage has been done.

10. Speed Cameras

Speed cameras that pop up out of no where are extremely annoying. Of course we should be driving at the speed limit at all times but it’s so easy to get caught out.

11. Speed Bumps

Another necessary safety measure. Speed bumps can occasionally test your patience if you are in a rush or when they just seem to go on forever.

12. Getting Stuck Behind a Tractor/Cyclist/Extremely Slow Vehicle

It’s very annoying when you get stuck behind a slow vehicle and you can’t get past. You just have to sit there crawling along at 15mph, hoping that they will turn off at every roundabout or turning (but they never do).

13. Traffic Lights That Take Ages

Traffic lights that take ages or cities packed with an unnecessary amount of traffic lights can really test your patience. Sitting at traffic lights for five minutes or when they only let two cars through can be very annoying.

14. Traffic

Traffic is perhaps the worst part of driving. Getting stuck in traffic is one of the most annoying things in life.

15. Driving a Rubbish Car

Driving a rubbish car is no fun. You sit in the driver's seat wishing you were driving the car next to you. When you have a great car, driving is a wonderful experience.

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