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13 Year Old Boy Drives 600 Miles in Father´s Mercedes

posted on Jan 16 2014 by Jade Hensby

13 Year Old Boy Drives 600 Miles in Father´s Mercedes

A boy of 13 ran away from his family home, but this teenage done it in style. He took his father’s Mercedes-Benz and drove a staggering 600 miles across Europe. All of this was apparently down to rowing with his adoptive parents over a mobile phone bill.

The boy left his home town of Montebelluna, Northern Italy on a Thursday afternoon and was later picked up by a German police officer near the border of his original home country of Poland. The boy is said to be a keen go-cart racer and was completely confident being behind the wheel of his father's Mercedes, even managing to cross two international borders and fill up with petrol twice without raising any suspicion.

He drove from Italy, through the Alps in Austria, and preceded to Germany where he was eventually stopped in Moisburg, just 150km from the border with Poland- after his family had alerted Interpol.


Head of local police in Montebelluna, Eleonora Spadati said “he looks like a 16-year-old, but still...he managed to fuel up and pass two borders. It’s just incredible”.

The boy had been adopted two years ago, but was said to be heading to his original home country of Poland where his biological sister still lives. He had argued with his parents after they had confiscated his mobile phone, as punishment for topping up its credit without their consent. When he left he had just £160 and his passport with him. He was said to be missing his sister, and though they were in contact with each other via the internet it proved too much for the young teenager.

It is believed the adoptive parents travelled to Germany to bring him home.