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£125! NISSAN PIXO Special Edition 1.0 N-Tec 5dr

posted on Feb 05 2010 by Gary Shapland

£125! NISSAN PIXO Special Edition 1.0 N-Tec 5dr

We always strive to offer you not only the big grand cars to contract hire and lease, we also offer you the smallest and cheapest little run arounds to contract hire and lease and here is a brand new offer on at £125! NISSAN PIXO Special Edition 1.0 N-Tec 5dr

This is Nissan's smallest car in their model line up and its called the Nissan Pixo. It's a cheap rival for the Hyundai i10 and Kia Picanto, but one that arguably comes from a better established brand with a marginally more premium badge. It doesnt take much invetsigation before you will disover that Nissan have shared technology and design with Suzuki and that this Nissan is in fact a Suzuki. It's the sister car to the mechanically identical Suzuki Alto and both are built at a factory in India, not Japan. Visually the two cars are different: the Pixo gets its own longer lights, a new front grille, different bonnet and new seat trims - a treatment that makes it look more like its bigger Nissan siblings.

But really it's an Alto in disguise. In this day and age its almost a daily occurance that Manufacturers share development and production costs are then able to bring down the showroom price of their cars. Remember that Toyota, Citroen and Peugeot did the same to launch the Aygo, C1 and 107. And this strategy helps the Pixo be one of the cheapest cars on sale in Britain. In the cabin the set up is simple and functional, the driving position is adequate, and standard equipment does include Isofix mounting points and an MP3 CD player which is impressive for the money, and on this Nissan Pixo 1.0 Special Edition N-Tec you get electric front windows and Air Conditioning.

The petrol engine is a little three cylinder 996cc unit that produces a modest 67bhp, but because the Pixo is nice and light it still manages zero to 62mph in a respectable 11 seconds. Performance is peppy and the little engine is happy to be revved. The Pixo is surprisingly amusing and safe through corners and the well-mannered chassis means body control isn't bad at all. It's narrow too, so it can dart through gaps in traffic. To see the full leasing details on this NISSAN PIXO Special Edition 1.0 N-Tec 5dr or any other Nissan Contract Hire Leasing deals along with every contract hire and leasing deal currently available.