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10 Signs You Love Your Car A Little Too Much

posted on Dec 22 2014 by Kiri Nowak

10 Signs You Love Your Car A Little Too Much

Many car lovers share similar traits, they enjoy going to events, probably have a magazine subscription and take a lot of pride in their cars. However, sometimes, when you find the perfect car it’s easy to become obsessed. You spend most of your day thinking about how amazing your car is and coming up with ways of improving it. You get ‘car fear’, which means you are constantly terrified of damaging it or someone else damaging it.

Here at we match our customers with their dream cars, so it’s totally understandable that some people end up loving their car just a little too much. Want to find out if your obsession has gone a little too far? We have devised our own test. If you do most of the following things then it’s probably time to try and become less attached to your beloved car.

1. You are obsessed with cleaning your car

You clean bird poo off your car within seconds of it landing. You carry a cloth in your pocket to clean any marks you see. Your car has a full valet every month and is washed at least once a week professionally. You refuse to drive it anywhere where it might get muddy or dirty. You found it really hard to find a car cleaning company you can trust as you are terrified of them scratching your car or using the wrong products.

2. You take every opportunity to show off your car

Even though you could easily walk places you don’t, you feel the urge to drive 500 metres down the road just to show off your car. You hate parking your car in the garage where it can’t be seen, but it has to be done to keep it safe. You pop round to your friend’s house for no reason other than to show off your car. You park near the front of shops and supermarkets so your car can be seen more clearly. When you stop at traffic lights you are convinced all the other drivers are eyeing up your car.

3. You post more pictures of your car than people on social media

There are people that constantly post pictures of their children and pets, and then there are the people that post endless pictures of their cars. They even tag their car as themselves so people can be sure it belongs to them. Got some new kit? Post on Facebook. Just cleaned your car? Post on Instagram. Any excuse to upload another picture of your beloved car.

4. Your car has its own social media profile

You don’t think it’s enough to post pictures of your car on your own profile, no, it needs its own dedicated profile. That way people can appreciate it fully. Every time you post a car picture you wait in anticipation to see how many likes it will get.

5. Every car you have ever owned has a name

Can’t resist naming your cars? Do you make your friends and family call your car by its proper name and get really annoyed if they forget? Giving your car a name makes it feel like a real person. You feel that just calling your car, ‘my Mercedes’ or ‘my BMW’ is not enough and doesn’t do it justice, so you think of a really cool name.

6. When people talk badly about your car you get very overprotective

You simply can’t tolerate anyone saying anything remotely negative about your car. If anyone so much as hints at saying something disrespectful you stop them in their tracks and remind them of how awesome your car really is.

7. You call your car your second home

You keep lots of your essentials in your car because you spend so much time travelling around in it. It feels like your second home and many friends and family members are concerned about how much time you spend in your car instead of in an actual home with real people.

8. Sometimes you like to take naps in your car

You feel safe and secure in your car, so why take a nap anywhere else? What does it matter if you accidentally sleep through the night? Sleeping in your car is a perfectly normal thing to do anyways. Plus your car seat is better ergonomically designed and more comfortable than your actual bed.

9. All you talk about is your car

You have lost a fair few friends because they got sick of you talking about your car and nothing else. But that’s OK; it’s a sacrifice you are willing to take. You couldn’t imagine going a day without talking about your car. That’s why all your friends are petrol heads anyway, they understand you.

10. You prefer being in your car than with people

If this stage has reared its ugly head then you are definitely obsessed with your car. You would rather sit in your car and play with all the accessories and gadgets than have a conversation with a person. Sometimes you hide in your car to avoid people.