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10 Questions To Ask When Leasing A Car

posted on Feb 02 2015 by Kiri Nowak

10 Questions To Ask When Leasing A Car

If you are new to car leasing then you may not know the right things to ask when starting out. When looking at a particular deal, you need to know exactly what is included. Car leasing offers vary from car to car and from company to company, you can tailor a car lease to meet your specific needs. You can also see our frequently asked questions section for the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

When you speak to a car leasing expert it’s important to get all the information you require. If you are unsure about car leasing terminology then click here to read our glossary of terms. Here are 10 questions to ask before leasing a car:

1. How long is the lease for?

Most car lease agreements are for two, three or four years. You need to think about which option would suit you best. Ask what lease contract lengths are available for the car you are looking at. We usually recommend two or three year terms but if there are better deals on other terms we included these.

2. How much mileage is included?

All car leasing deals will have a certain amount of mileage included. If you see an amazing deal online check how much mileage it is offering. You can specify how much mileage you want your lease agreement to include. Most of our lease agreements have 10,000 mileage included but they start from 5,000 per year and range up to 30,000 with average in the UK being 12,000 per year.  We recommend going for a  realistic range rather than paying excess mileage as this can work out to be more expensive.

3. Is it a business or personal lease?

When you ring up a car leasing company make sure you are clear whether you are a business or personal customer. Business deals are usually advertised excluding VAT so can be a cheaper option if you have a business to put the lease contract through. It’s also important to check this when you are browsing through deals as some offers may be valid for business customers only.

4. Can I get servicing and maintenance included?

Some car leasing contracts will include service and maintenance for an additional cost and these are displayed on the indiviual car offer pages.  Maintenance can be included in your monthly payments - it includes all servicing, replacement tyres and any other routine maintenance required during the term of the contract.

5. How much is the deposit?

The amount you pay each month varies depend on how much you pay up front. The higher deposit you are able to put down the lower your monthly payments will be. Ask how much deposit you have to pay on the car leasing deals you are interested in - you can usually pay 3,6 or 9 times the monthly rental.

6. Do I need Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance?

When you lease a car it’s important to consider whether you need any special insurance. You may want to purchase GAP insurance for example. If your car gets written off, GAP insurance covers any additional cost that your insurance company won’t pay out for.

7. What happens at the end of the lease?

Find out what happens at the end of the car lease. This process is generally very straightforward, the car gets checked for fair wear and tear and is returned to the manufacturer, details of our fair wear and tear policy can be found here. If you are unsure of what condition your lease car should be returned then click here for more information about vehicle return standards.

8. What are the excess mileage charges?

It’s useful to find out if you go over your agreed mileage how much the excess charges will be. You will normally be charged a set amount for each mile you go over. Mileage charges vary depending on the manufacturer so it’s definitely worth asking but we prefer to recommend you include mileage in your contract term, since this usually works out as the most efficient option.

9. Do I need to pay vehicle tax?

Road tax is included for the length of the lease contract so that's another added bonus!

10. How will my vehicle be delivered?

Check to see whether your new lease vehicle will be delivered free of charge. Here at we offer free delivery anywhere within the UK and can deliver to your home or work address.

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