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10 Most Annoying Driving Fails

posted on Oct 12 2015 by Kiri Nowak

10 Most Annoying Driving Fails

There are some driving fails that are extremely irritating. Unless you are a perfect driver, you will probably have done at least one or two of the things below. Most of them are only minor mistakes, but they are pretty damn annoying. There is a lot to think about whilst driving, and sometimes after a long day or when we aren’t feeling our best we slip up. Here are 10 of the most annoying driving fails that the average driver makes:

1. Forgetting the handbrake

It sounds like a pretty straightforward thing to do, and we all get into the habit of putting our handbrakes on. However, there are the odd few people who get distracted and forget to put the handbrake on when they stop. This can actually be very dangerous, depending on where you have parked and can result in some very unnecessary damage to your car (and any objects near to it).

2. Stalling

Let’s face it, we all stall at least once in our lives. Who knows why it is so unbelievably embarrassing and annoying. Other drivers look at you and laugh as you awkwardly restart the car and go on your way. #nothingtoseehere

3. Leaving your lights on

That moment when you come back to your car the next morning and realise you left your lights on all night. Now your car won’t start because the battery has run out. If only you had just switched them off you wouldn't have to deal with all this hassle.

4. Not beeping your horn in time

When another driving does something really stupid, dangerous or insanely annoying and you don’t beep the horn in time. They got away with it and you couldn’t do anything about it. All you had to do was beep the horn.

5. Hitting the curb

A simple error yet one that can often damage your tyres and alloys quite badly. Hitting the curb often happens when you lose concentration for a moment and it snaps you back into reality. A silly mistake but one that many of us make every once in awhile, rubbish drivers even more so.

6. Poor parallel parking

When you try to parallel park and fail miserably. After the fourth attempt you give up and lose some of your pride. Some spots are extremely difficult to get into but that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing.

7. Getting caught speeding

Doh! This is a definite driving fail. Especially when you're just a few miles an hour over the speed limit and you still get caught. This can be infuriating. You can avoid this one by simply not speeding, but sometimes you just don’t realise when you creep over the limit.

30 mph limit sign

8. Getting your car stuck

Some drivers stupidly park or drive their car in the extremely stupid place. Sometimes getting your car stuck is simply unavoidable because of adverse weather conditions. Either way, it’s very annoying when your car just won’t budge and the wheels keep on spinning.

9. Running out of petrol

This is less of a mistake and more of a deliberate error. We can all easily avoid running out of petrol, yet so many people end up committing this epic fail. Calling up someone to come and rescue you or drop off some petrol is always a bit of embarrassing because you have to admit to being an idiot.

10. Accidentally driving in a bus lane

Bus lanes are usually marked clearly, so most drivers will abide by the rules and avoid them. However, in some cities you can get stuck on one way systems and suddenly realise you have accidentally crept into the bus lane, and you know you will be getting a fine.  There's a useful explanation of bus lane driving on the Transport for London website here.

Bus Lane Sign