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10 Essential Items To Keep In Your Car This Winter

posted on Dec 30 2014 by Kiri Nowak

10 Essential Items To Keep In Your Car This Winter

Every time you set off in your car this winter you should have these essentials with you. The last thing you want to do is get caught in the snow with limited supplies. 

You never know what could happen when the weather gets worse and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can also feel safe in the knowledge that should you breakdown you have everything you need to stay comfortable until help arrives. There are also some products you need to keep with you to ensure your car is safe to drive. Here are our top 10 essential items to keep in your car this winter.


If you breakdown and end up standing on the side of the road you will need some blankets to keep you warm. With temperatures getting colder it’s best to always have blankets and warm clothes in your car just in case.


Keep some water in your car, you might need it if you get stuck and you don’t know how long you might be stuck for.

3.First aid kit

It’s a good idea to carry a first aid kit in your car so that you can be prepared should you or any of your passengers require basic first aid. First aid kits for cars usually contain things like cleansing wipes, burn dressings, plasters and tape.

4.Mobile phone

It’s always handy to have a mobile phone in your car should you need to get hold of someone or make an emergency call. Make sure you have a hands free kit and do not use your phone whilst driving.


Put a shovel in your boot so that if your car gets stuck in snow you can attempt to dig your way out. It just might get you out of a sticky situation.


You will need to use a de-icer on a regular basis throughout the winter. Keep a few cans in your car so that you always have some handy.

7.Ice scraper

If you try and scrape the ice off your car with a credit card then you could scratch your car. Have an ice scraper so that you can clear your car effectively before you set off on journeys in the winter.

8.Warning triangle

You need a warning triangle in your car all year round but it’s especially important in the winter. Conditions and visibility can be much worse which makes it more difficult for drivers to see your vehicle.


Breaking down at night time and trying to find things in darkness is not a very pleasant experience. You could get stuck on a dark country road and need the light from a torch.

10.Driving gloves

When you first get into you car on a cold winter’s morning it can be pretty chilly. Get some driving gloves to keep your hands warm and give you a steady grip on the steering wheel.  

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