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10 Awesome Cars From Television Series Past & Present

posted on Sep 03 2014 by Kiri Nowak

10 Awesome Cars From Television Series Past & Present

Many amazing cars have featured in iconic television series over the years. We can look back at some of the older TV series and reminisce about the classic cars they used for famous scenes. Thankfully, modern TV programmes that are popular at the moment continue to feature impressive rides.

Some cars can make or break a scene, and if they make an appearance in a pivotal moment in a series they often generate a huge amount of interest. Automotive companies usually jump at the opportunity to see their cars in some of the top television programmes. Here are 10 awesome cars from television series past and present.

1.Dukes of Hazard – 1969 Dodge Charger

2.Mad Men – Jaguar E-Type

3.Knight Rider – 1982 Customised Pontiac Trans Am

4.Breaking Bad - 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8

5.Starsky & Hutch - 1975 Ford Gran Torino

6.Entourage – 1965 Lincoln Continental

7.Herbie – 1964 Volkswagen Beetle

8.The Sopranos – Cadillac Escalade

9. Inspector Morse

10. Downton Abbey - 1911 Renault Type CB12/16hp Landaulette