Complaints Procedure

Customer Service is our absolute priority here at and our reputation really matters to us.  In the unlikely event we haven’t been able to resolve an issue to your satisfaction we have laid out a complaints procedure below. 

We thoroughly investigate all issues that are brought to our attention and value all customer feedback.   For all issues reported, we gather information both from our suppliers as well as internally to ensure a fair and satisfactory outcome.  Once a resolution has been agreed upon we document the actions required to achieve the outcome and notify all parties involved.

We review how the issue could have been prevented from happening in the first place and put the necessary steps in place to minimise the risk of the issue ever recurring. Once actions to address the issue have been implemented we review the outcome to ensure all raised concerns have been addressed satisfactorily.  We also review remedial processes or changes that were implemented.

We actively encourage feedback from our customers and aim to respond to all issues within 1 working day.  Please contact in the first instance.  If an agreed resolution cannot be found, the matter will be escalated to our Director Jon Bardill.

We are members of the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association No: 2014 and fully comply with their code of conduct, contact details below:

Telephone:                         01494 434747

Address:                              River Lodge, Badminton Court, Amersham, Bucks, HP7 0DD

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No: 62256, contact details below:

Address:                              FCA Head Office, 25 North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HS

Company Information:

Company Name:              LYNC Limited

Registration:                      Registered in England and Wales No: 06478009 

Registered Office:           1 Harbour House, Harbour Way, Shoreham By Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5HZ

VAT Number:                    101879128

Contact Email:         

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