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Personal Car Leasing

Our search facility is the fastest and easiest way to find any lease deal, by any means. You can customise your search by your preferred mileage, upfront payment or contract length. In addition you can use the quick drop-downs to filter by any make, model, body type or more. We have built this to be the fastest and easiest search facility online to find your perfect lease deal at the perfect price.

Simply click here and select the personal tab to see all of our cheap personal car leasing deals.

A personal lease is referred to as a personal car hire, contract hire or shortened down to PCH. It’s the agreement between yourself and the financing company on a nice new car for you to enjoy. As long as the car is intended for your own personal use, this includes communing, domestic and obviously social uses.

How personal car leasing works is extremely simple, the contract will be paid out of your personal account for the entire length of the lease. As with all lease contracts this starts with a deposit due to us when you place an order, this is simply a financial commitment for us to secure your car. Then there is an initial payment which can be either 3, 6 or 9 payments upfront as standard, this will be due anything from a day before your car is delivered up to 14 days after delivery. You can on occasion and depending on the financing company pay more than that upfront which results in a customised initial payment. As the more you pay the less your monthly rental will be.

A month after your car has been delivered you will start your usual monthly payments. This is your monthly personal rental. You don’t have to worry at all about tax, as that is on most contracts included. Mercedes-Benz doesn’t always include tax on their deals so check with us first to make sure tax is included. With regards to insurance we do not provide any car insurance other than the products you see listed on our insurance page.

With regards to servicing or your MOT, this entirely depends on your contract. As it’s a brand new car you don’t need to worry about a MOT for the first 3 years, you will though on a 4 year contract need to get its MOT after the third year. This is unless you have a maintenance contract which will include your usual service each year and your MOT for the fourth year.

You may well be wondering why all the personal prices on our website are more expensive than the business prices. This is simply because most businesses claim back on the tax for all their company cars, so all leasing websites display their business prices excluding VAT, whilst personal prices are including VAT so the difference your seeing is simple the 20% VAT cost. There are a few brands that charge a bit more for personal contracts so if its ever more than 20% for the VAT on personal, that is the reason why.

If you do have any other questions with regards to personal leasing you can just give us a call, we’ll happily answer any questions you have. You do alternatively have a FAQ here with more answers to various common questions we get asked.

We provide a transparent service that's built on trust and care about our customers which is why you should get in touch now and lease your car with us.

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