Car Leasing Funding Methods - How It Works.

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Car Leasing Funding Explained

We supply and finance any make or model of car or light commercial new or “nearly new” to businesses and private individuals all over the UK using specialist-funding methods geared towards our individual customer's vehicle requirements.

Consultation and assessment of your requirements may reveal that personal leasing is the ideal vehicle financing solution for your business and personal needs. Personal Leasing allows you to enjoy significant tax advantages and a choice of a new or used vehicle every two or three years in return for a fixed monthly charge that is easy to budget for, as well as an all-inclusive (optional) maintenance and breakdown package.

If you have any further questions you would like answered, please give one of our sales team a call where they will be able to answer any queries you may have.

What Is Contract Hire?
A popular choice for VAT-registered Companies that want minimum outlay and maximum control of costs, especially when the maintenance and relief vehicle options are included.

With this VAT-beneficial financing package, one regular rental payment costs of deprecation and disposal, for an agreed period of time and mileage. Road Fund License is included, but roadside rescue, maintenance and relief vehicle provision are options that can be added and charged to the rental payment.

What Is Finance Leasing?
Ideal for VAT-registered companies who want to handle the administration of they're vehicles, and have the asset shown on the balance sheet.

A Vat-beneficial finance option where the hirer can choose to pay the entire cost over the agreed lease period, plus an interest charge, or pay lower monthly rentals during the lease period with a final payment based on the anticipated resale value of the vehicle.

What Is Contract Purchase?
For Companies with high value cars who would like the option to purchase the vehicle but don't want any deprecation risks.

The customer acquires the vehicle by paying fixed monthly installments with the asset being shown on the company balance sheet, and can either retain ownership at the end of the contract hire or return the vehicle back.

What Is Purchase And Leaseback?
For companies wishing to retain the use of vehicles, yet generate capital funding from their sale whilst transferring to a VAT-beneficial funding method.

If a company currently owns its vehicles, this option means LYNC will purchase the vehicles for an agreed price and lease then back using either contract hire or finance lease, according to customer preference.

What Is Personal Leasing?
For Private individuals who want a hassle-free and cost-effective way to finance and maintain a vehicle.

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