Car Leasing Fair Wear and Tear

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Fair Wear and Tear

As car leasing specialists, we understand that regularly driving your car will result in unavoidable wear and tear.  This sort of deterioration is not to be confused with damage that has occurred because of impact or failure to use and maintain the car correctly.  There are times when it may be difficult to determine whether or not damage to the car has been caused by regular usage, in those times do feel free to simple give us a call, we'd be happy to help. The areas to look at and think about to help you see if your car has exceeded the acceptible level of wear and tear are;

  • General appearance, documentation, key
  • Paintwork, body, bumpers, trim
  • Windows, mirrors, lights
  • Tyre, wheels
  • Mechanical condition
  • Car underside
  • Interior
  • Equipment and controls

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