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About Leasing

Car leasing is essentially a long-term rental agreement where you pay a set monthly amount for the exclusive access to the vehicle.

The lease agreement is always personalised to you based on your requirements. You will have the car for one to four years and have a set amount of mileage allowance per year. Anything over the mileage allowance will be charged at the excess mileage rate. Once the lease is over the car is picked up and you have the opportunity to lease again with the latest model or any other car we have available at that time.

But what does that all mean? Below is a breakdown of the various areas you might want to know more about.

How much will you pay?

Simple, the following things are the only items you will be charged for with each new lease;

Initial payments – 3, 6 or 9 times your monthly payments - OR Set Amount

When starting a lease your very first payment is usually at minimum 3 times your monthly payment. This is required as an initial commitment for the financing company to accept the contract and is not refunded at all. You can pay however much you want initially and this will affect how much your monthly rental is. The more you pay initially, the less you pay monthly and vice versa. The standard options on any lease are either 3, 6 or 9 times the monthly rental for the initial payment. The initial payment can be due anytime from a day before delivery right up till 14 days after delivery, this depend on the car that you have on lease from us.

Monthly Rental

This is the set agreed upon amount you will be paying for your car. This monthly payment can include maintenance which includes all services and replacement tyres and any other routine maintenance costs that might happen within your lease. Once agreed upon, your monthly rental will not change throughout your entire contract. The only time that this price will change is if the VAT amount changes in the UK.

Brokerage Fee

We will require an brokerage fee upon ordering your new lease car. The fee does depend on the car and supplying funder so is subject to change, however on 95% of our deals we charge a standard £195 + VAT. This fee will normally be paid through our 3D Secure SagePay screen within the online order form in the customer area , but can be paid by BACS on invoice if required.

What Else Do You Need To Think About?


When you are considering your insurance first thing to know is that any car you have on lease from us will require you to sort the insurance out yourself. There are no preferred suppliers and you must have full comprehensive cover. If asked the owner and the registered keep of the vehicle will be the finance company. Have a look at the tax and Insurance details and deals to think about.

Full car tax is always included within all of our leasing deals apart from various Mercedes-Benz deals.


Your mileage is agreed upon for the duration of the contract at a specific number of miles per year, anything from 5000 to 40,000+ per year. Of the miles your do in your lease car, it doesn’t matter if you go over your years allocation as its actually looked at in terms of your total mileage. So if you have a 2 year contract with 10,000 miles its fine to do 10,001 the first year and then do 9999 miles the following year, as long as you keep under your total contract allocation you will not be charged for the additional miles. Any miles you do, do over your total contract allocation will be charged at the excess rate stated in your contract.


Once your finance is accepted and your car is on order you can have the car delivered to your home or work address as long as you are there to sign for it.

If you have any other questions please refer to our FAQ, all your question will be answered there or simply give us a call if you prefer on 01273 789 900.

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