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£244 - Toyota Prius 1.5 VVTi T3 Hybrid 5dr CVT Auto from GMC Car Leasing

posted on Jul 08 2008 by LYNC

On offer is the Toyota Prius 1.5 VVTi T3 Hybrid 5dr CVT Auto from GMC Leasing at an amazing price of just 244 + VAT per month. Available to lease by both business users and private individuals. For a personalised contract hire quotation please speak to the GMC Leasing Team on 0870 7704944. There are significant savaings on company car tax, no London congestion charges to name but a few. Sincethe launch the latest generation Toyota Prius hybrid it has been pretty much universally regarded as the most environmentally-friendly production car, and celebrities ranging from Leonardo di Caprio to Cameron Diaz have been passionate advocates. TheToyota Prius uses battery power to back up a 1.5-litre petrol engine and it emits just 104g/km of CO2, which is amongst the lowest of any production car on sale. The battery is recharged during braking and coasting, and it can propel the Prius in silence at urban speeds. The car switches between petrol and electric power almost seamlessly, and it has reasonable get-up-and-go under acceleration. The battery pack is hidden under the floor behind the rear seats and it kicks into action when additional power is required and recharges when the brakes are applied. Unlike the Civic you can switch to running the car solely on electric power, but you can't travel much more than a mile on electric. The careuros parts are guaranteed for eight years. Achieving the official 65.7mpg seems difficult in real-life driving; however, annual road tax is very low, there are savings for company car drivers, and it's exempt from London's Congestion Charge. It's also roomy and well-equipped. Some people see the Prius as expensive, but take into account the savings in fuel and taxes, its advanced technology and its feel-good factor, together with its potential resale value as petrol becomes more expensive, and it's better value than people imagine. Although some diesel superminis may be marginally more economical, there is nothing to touch the Prius for its economy in relation to its size and practicality. Fuel economy extra urban: 67.3mpg Fuel economy urban: 56.5mpg CO2 emissions: 104g/km Green rating: VED band B - 15 a year Weight: 1325 Kg Company car tax liability (2007): 12% Price: 17,777 (From 17,777 to 20,677) Insurance group: 7 Safety: NCAP 5 star Max speed: 102mph 0-60mph: 11.5 seconds

Any offers that may be featured in this post are only valid for 30 days and have now expired. Please get in touch with us for the most up to date deals.

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